This Year’s Theme is HOME

It’s the places where we live and where we come from. But it’s also a feeling of comfort and something that is familiar. Whether it’s an apartment; a house; our office; our favorite park; our City; or our World…the design of all of these places can help transform a place into that familiar, comforting feeling of home. In 2016, the DesignPhiladelphia festival will focus on events and programs that demonstrate how design can strengthen our connections to places, to ourselves, and to each other.

The 2016 DesignPhiladelphia Festival will take place from October 6-16th, with no programming on the 11th and 12th in observation of Yom Kippur.

Map of Events


This year, we’ve streamlined our programming into tracks for two main reasons - to guide event planners towards developing events in line with DesignPhiladelphia’s mission, and to make attending the Festival a little more easier to navigate for attendees. Each of the six tracks corresponds to one of our program goals and is geared towards a specific segment of our audience.

  • Advocate

    Ideal for community & grassroots warriors, budding change agents, and the civic-minded

  • Enthusiast

    Ideal for design aficionados and inspiration seekers

  • Explorer

    Ideal for history-buffs, urban explorers, DIY-ers, and makers

  • Next Generation

    Ideal for students K-12, their parents and educators

  • Patron

    Ideal for American-made product fans, design connoisseurs, and trend-watchers

  • Practitioner

    Ideal for creative professionals, college & graduate level students interested in design & creative fields, and higher education faculty

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