At Home in The Studio

Friday October 7th: 5:00PM - 8:00PM
Ticket Price: Free

Here at BN, our studio shop is the heart of our business. In an industry where making is done behind the scenes, we choose to display craft and process as the focal point of our Philadelphia atelier. As artists, designers, and craftspeople, our home is where dreams become tangible, wearable works. We work with clients all around globe, creating pieces of jewelry that express love and family, and define major life milestones.

Over the past 9 years, thousands of special pieces have been made in Philadelphia. We have learned through our collective education as growing designers adapting to a changing world. We know the most important home is our world as a whole, and our progressive code of ethics strives to protect and conserve. Our company ethos revolves around recycled material, local production, fairmined gold, traceable diamonds and colored stones.

During our special open studio during DesignPhiladeplhia, we will showcase 3 signature Bario Neal pieces, and how through the years they have changed in their design to be timeless and iconic: Avens Ring, Aparna Ring and Fishtail Ring. We will show actual metalwork, design variations, and original wax models which will aid us in speaking about the jewelry making process. We will discuss how issues of sustainability, scalability, and materials inform our design decisions.

Philadelphia is our home, and we are excited to show DesignPhiladelphia enthusiasts our beautiful shop and help educate the public about our design process, new collections, and sustainability.