Constructing Organics

Thursday October 6th - October 10th: 12:00PM - 6:00PM
Thursday October 13th - October 16th: 12:00PM - 6:00PM
Ticket Price: Free

InLiquid presents artists Emily Squires Levine and Laura Tabakman, Diane Marimow, Nancy Agati, and Michele Tremblay in a special exhibition, Constructing Organics, at Park Towne Place's South Tower. This exhibition draws together five artists (two working collaboratively, Levine and Tabakman) whose work mimics nature’s ways of organically creating patterns, textures, and forms while contemplating man’s use and interpretation thereof. Using sophisticated design processes and relying on their intuition as artists, these five women offer visions of beauty, construction, and reconstruction.

International award winning polymer clay artist Emily Squires Levine designs and creates one-of-a-kind vessels, often utilizing the Italian millefiori technique. Using a sophisticated color palette, she fashions uniquely patterned canes to form eye-popping works of decorative art.

Laura Tabakman merges her fiber and polymer clay techniques with mixed media sculptures and installations. Her work is about experimentation, and she is particularly interested in process and exploring different approaches to materials. Tabakman is a studio artist and teacher, and exhibits and sells her work nationally and internationally. She is a member numerous art associations and has been featured in several publications.

Diane Marimow creates forms that speak to or are inspired by both marine life and architecture. These organic forms are made from slab-constructed extruded coils of stoneware clay, which have been draped over molds – which are often constructed with recycled materials like Styrofoam, plastic lids and tennis balls. She has worked for the Philadelphia Museum of Art for about 9 years, exhibits often along the US east coast, and is included in the collection of the Berman Institute of Bioethics at John Hopkins University.

Nancy Agati’s work often begins with a deconstruction process before she reconsiders and reconstructs forms that come from nature. Inspecting their geometry and base structure, she rebuilds these forms and structures, transforming them into future iterations of themselves. Agati has exhibited widely across the US, received a Leeway Foundation Award, and has a large and growing bibliography about her work in Philadelphia.

Michele Tremblay is an artist, entrepreneur, and a floral designer. Her history working with floral arrangements clearly informs her work to a great extent. Tremblay carefully and attentively reconstructs the delicate nature of flowers with high quality, archival paper, occasionally evolving them as she goes. It’s almost as if her process allows her to cross-pollinate species in order to create new ones.

In partnership with Aimco, InLiquid is curating rotating exhibitions and organizing engaging public programming at their mid-century modern complex, Park Towne Place, which offers upscale high-rise living in Center City. InLiquid is also helping to project manage Park Towne’s acquisition of new works for their permanent collection. The arts advisory relationship is part of a redevelopment initiative by Park Towne to become a vital member of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway cultural community.