Home Is Where you Place It | An Interactive Experience

Monday October 10th: 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Ticket Price: Free; registration required.

The 37th Street Walkway was a space without identity. Then it became Innovation Plaza.

This project, conceptualized and led by Ex;it in collaboration with Andropogon Associates for the University City Science Center, created a new place and a created a new place and a new gathering space for uCity Square. Innovation Plaza has become the welcoming front door for this district, which connects centers of learning with the International House, University Lutheran Church, and other neighborhood partners including the University of Pennsylvania.

Successful placemaking projects tell stories, and Innovation Plaza’s narratives of “Into the Future”, “Convergence and Connection”, and “Community” are told through striking illuminated sculpture portals, articulated landscape and concrete and metal installations. This park is Home: a front door for the neighborhood to relax, play and work, a gathering place to exchange ideas, and a place to honor the innovators in the community.

To celebrate this vibrant and dynamic space, Ex;it will design an unique learning experience about the Golden Section for guests to explore the design elements that have created such a dynamic environment.