Home Sweet 'Hood

Monday October 10th: 4:00PM - 9:00PM
Ticket Price: Free - $15

As Americans return to cities and move away from suburbs, the 21st century home is being redefined beyond our couches and kitchenettes. By living in closer proximity, urban residents count communal, public spaces as part of their "home." They treat coffee shops, parks, and beer gardens as an extension of their private space, resulting in personal investment in their cities.

Join us for a guided, educational bar crawl throughout Philadelphia for civic-minded, urban enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the pieces of home we share with other city dwellers. Expect an evening exploring Philadelphia's most exciting neighborhoods, where individuals who helped shape them share insight, history, and personal stories about how the live, work, play revolution came to be. Transportation will be provided to get us to and from the city's changing neighborhoods, providing a full spectrum of growth within Philadelphia's city limits. Beginning with a unique corner in Fishtown, the bar crawl will then take us through stops in more established Midtown Village and Point Breeze. Cost includes transport and your first cold one.