Let’s explore Brand Design as a sensory experience of Home

Sunday October 16th: 2:00PM - 5:00PM
Ticket Price: Free

A Workshop on brand design as a purposeful sensory experience that is guided by feelings of ‘home’

How might a product or service brand be designed to connect with people who get touched by the sensory experience of their personal feelings of ‘home’/

A ‘Home Sensory Experience’ can mean touching a familiar object far away on a trip in the Amazon rain forest or right here in Philly. It can be something that you see, hear or touch that reminds you of home –wherever you are. It may happen when you first open the door, or something you hear in a song or when watching your favorite team win in Rio.

Brands more than ever is a part of what we call a ‘home designed experience’. What’s a new and fresh home sensory experience in Brazil? In the US? Are they the same because or our common humanness or are they different because of culture and environment?

Together, we will explore what sensory brand design can be. We will awaken the feelings of ‘new and fresh ideas’ as our brand workshop, guided by internationally recognized designers from Philly and Brazil, lifts us free from of our own assumptions to new awareness and feelings of what is possible.

Our speakers will include:

Gilman Hanson – Partner, [Hanson Design](http://hansondesign.com/ "Hanson Design")

Natalie Nixon – PhD Design Management, [Figure 8 Thinking](http://figure8thinking.com/ "Figure 8 Thinking")

Romeu Biscaia Machado – Founder / Chief Design Officer – [CommceptaDesign](http://www.commcepta.com.br/ "Commcepta Design"), Curitiba, Brazil

George Ward of A&G