Meadow Mansions: Designing Homes for Fairmount Park’s Winged Residents

Thursday October 13th: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Ticket Price: Free

In the rooms of historic Mount Pleasant, the stunning 18th Century mansion of ship captain John Macpherson, artists and designers will interpret the theme of “home.” They will create structures to help attract birds to the adjoining meadow of East Fairmount Park and raise awareness about these critical habitats. These newly designed bird houses will then be installed in the Fairmount Park system’s meadows to entice nesting species and serve as sign-posts for park visitors reminding them that the meadows host families of birds, among other creatures and the importance of these ecosystems. The opening reception will be followed by a series of talks, walks and workshops in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and with Audubon Pennsylvania, which is making its home in East Fairmount Park together with Outward Bound Philadelphia at the new Discovery Center, set to open in 2018.