Perry World House

Thursday October 13th: 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Ticket Price: Free

Perry World House is the flagship of a newly formed institute at the University of Pennsylvania, which will focus all of the university’s global initiatives under one roof. Designed by the New York-based firm 1100 Architect, the new building will allow all 12 of the university’s school to cooperatively address and research international issues. The 17,400-square-foot project officially opened September 2016. Positioned along the main campus pedestrian walkway, Locust Walk, and the busy traffic thoroughfare of 38th Street, the building responds to widely divergent contexts. The site came with a modest house built in 1851, a portion of which 1100 Architect elected to salvage and reconstruct based on historic documentation, designing the new structure to incorporate the old. Keeping the house provides an important reference to the area’s residential history. 1100 Architect representatives will open the building to participants, guiding a walk-through of this new space, and leading a discussion about many of the themes this project has highlighted: historic preservation, multi-disciplinary cooperation, and 21st century learning environments.