Reimagining Kensington: Triple Bottom Line Happy Hour

Monday October 10th: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Ticket Price: $35

The Triple Bottom Line (Social, Environmental and Financial) is becoming more and more important today, but are these initiatives creating real change? Please join JDT International Inc., honeygrow, City Fitness, Evil Genius Beer Company, Stateside Vodka and Western Grace Brandy—6 companies based in Fishtown—to learn how they are collaborating with Urban Roots and Connor Barwin’s Make the World Better Foundation (MTWB) to create a real and lasting impact in communities throughout Philadelphia.

We will be showcasing several of JDT International Inc.’s newest Fishtown development projects, offering tours of honeygrow’s amazing new headquarters (and their Front Street Walls murals) and most importantly we will be celebrating the launch (earlier that day) of Waterloo Playground, Urban Roots and MTWB’s latest park redevelopment project in Kensington! We will be seeking input from local community leaders, design professionals, artists, tastemakers, business owners and more, on innovative initiatives to create community-based, lasting revitalization. Related event: Earlier in the afternoon we will kick off the revitalization of Waterloo Playground at the park itself, with music, games, food and more from 12 to 2pm.

The $35 admission price includes appetizers and drinks generously provided by honeygrow, Evil Genius Beer Company, Stateside Vodka and Western Grace Brandy. All proceeds from this event will go towards Urban Roots & MTWB’s non-profit projects.