THE BEACON: Focus on THE RAIL PARK by MEDstudio@JEFF & Jenny Sabin Studio

Thursday October 6th - October 10th: 12:00AM - 12:00AM
Thursday October 13th - October 16th: 12:00AM - 12:00AM
Ticket Price: Free

MEDstudio@JEFF, an anti-disciplinary educational and research catalyst at Thomas Jefferson University is proud to announce the debut of THE BEACON, a newly designed system that advances future health. The central BEACON structure has been designed in collaboration with Jenny Sabin Studio, an internationally acclaimed practice in experimental architecture. For 10 days, THE BEACON will focus its high-tech beam on how people-centered design can be deployed for health and wellness, this time with a focus on THE RAIL PARK.

THE BEACON will respond to diverse and multi generational users via a free app, which will ask users a different health question each day; the real-time results will alter THE BEACON’s surface behavior, and these data will be used to radically redesign healthcare. As the sun sets, THE BEACON becomes activated, and self assembles based upon live feeds of Rail Park landscape data and health- data from the app. Day and eve programs will address a different theme: From designing interior spaces and landscapes that heal and adapt, to advanced wearables that compute; from robots that build, to performance art that promotes empathy. We’re bringing the future RAIL PARK to Jefferson’s campus, and a BEACON of health and hope to ALL.

For a full list of daily programs, visit or scan the QR code.

The Beacon will be open 24/7: Opening Thursday Oct 6th @6pm and then 24/7 until Thursday Oct 16 @10pm


Image Credit: Credit: © 2016 Jenny Sabin Studio